PR Portrait Art Book Shoot
Perception Perception
Media Production Print + Digital
A3/A4/60 x80 & Big Prints. Fine Art Prints • Framed Exhibition Artwork • Master Pieces - Books • Digital Supplememnts
Frame work
Prints Books Master Pieces Exhibition artwork To the factory
Idea Copy Conception Photography Post Production Layout Production Creative Direction
Own media format for fast moving content with editorial concept and editorial office Incl. IT and client domain, QR Code, Full Service
External Media Content files, ready to scan or link with client CI.
Event Photography and Documentary incl. Event PR-Magazine with Event-title domain, QR-Code and editorial full service for later Photo sharing and distribution.
Presentation Docuemntation Story telling Galleries       etc. with concept       and shot book
PR Campaigns Story telling Media Content ready to use Digital Webprints Cross Media Film, Broadcast, Multimedia Visual performance Consulting Script writing Director of Photography Creative Direction Press Media work
PR Press Media Projects. Art Matters Stuff means Art & Culture.
Exhibition Artwork
Atelier Shanghai
Resolution x 2,54 DPI
max. Print size (in cm)
Think in medium format Think in Fuji GFX